A little bit about me…


My name is Leon Barton and I want to thank you for visiting my website www.leonbarton.com.  I made this site to give you a look at some of the multimedia content I have created.  My experience is in video production , website design and development, and audio production.

The types of work I have done in video production showcased on this site are: directing, producing, camera, lighting, live audio recording, script writing, editing, voice over, narration and motion graphics.

I have used various software platforms to edit video such as Final Cut Pro and Avid among others.  I create most of my motion graphics using Adobe After Effects and Flash. The graphics are usually created using Photoshop or Illustrator.

Some of my websites were created from scratch using HTML, CSS and Javascript coding or in Flash with Action Script 3.0 coding. These sites were launched to the web using Dreamweaver.  I also have websites made using WordPress as well as other content management sites.

I am a big fan of music of all kinds, especially in vinyl record form.  I have worked as a DJ as well as a producer.  I enjoy combining my love of music audio with my video production skills.

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